Who We Are:

Clear Vision Development Group is the result of years of research and development in the area of training, development, strategy planning, management and leadership proven in actual organizations in the field.

We’re passionate about developing people into greater leaders and building better businesses for our clients.

What Makes Us Different:

Development in people and organizations essentially requires excellence and execution in four disciplines: consulting, planning, training and coaching. Clear Vision Development Group has mixed these four important disciplines into every program and service we offer. You already know developing people or a business is tough in any environment. Sustainable growth performance is what you are after. It requires the convergence of strategic choice and daily leadership of every person. Our goal is the result of a positive step toward this transformation in every interaction with our contacts and clients.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring the best leadership and business ideas to the world.

Our Values:

Vision: We’re forward-thinking, we stretch horizons and challenge imaginations.

Customer Quality Focus: We listen to our customers and we live customer service.

Integrity: We follow-through on commitments and we assume responsibility in all interactions.

Communications & Influence: We actively listen and probe for new ideas and solutions.

Ownership: We trust each other and communicate pro-actively

Empowerment: We fully utilize all our resources and the diverse talents of our team to achieve success

Knowledge/Expertise/Intelligence: We possess and readily share all we are learning, which is a constant behavior to continually leverage more available knowledge, tools, processes and braintrust ability for ourselves and our clients.

Initiative/Speed: We are constantly trying to innovate and improve to deliver faster response and results for our clients. We anticipate chokepoints and always work toward new and better ways to do things.

Global Mind-Set: We are always aware of how every strategic choice effects our clients and our team for the future.

Tony Richards:

Tony RichardsTony Richards is founder and Senior Partner of Clear Vision Development Group  The majority of his time is spent with his consulting clients in the areas of leadership growth, teaching & training individuals & teams and consulting with organizational leaders.

Drawing from over 30 years of management and leadership experience (he started VERY young), Tony combines a unique insight of both theory, experience and execution. Prior to the inception of Clear Vision Development Group and related companies, Tony was instrumental in leading media groups and building winning teams in Kentucky and Missouri to record growth in their respective markets. Today Tony acts as a strategic adviser to executives, executive teams, entrepreneurs and boards.

Tony has also served as the Consulting Strategist for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Missouri Board, a steering committee member of Leadership Columbia and a member of the Small Business Committee for the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. Tony also led the training effort for the Columbia Chamber of Commerce’s 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Leadership Columbia Programs.

A visionary, innovator, and gifted conceptual thinker, Tony excels in teaching the art and science of leadership.  Through Clear Vision Development Group, Tony is determined to help both the individuals and the organizations he consults reach their full potential in every area of business strategy, leadership and management development.

You can follow Tony on Twitter: @tonyrichards4

Ann Marie Quertermous-Richards:

am picAnn Marie Richards is a believer in continual learning, personal initiative, and the limitlessness of human potential. As a Business Consultant, she digs deep into what makes business work, dividing it into four key components: people, strategy, execution, and financial. With an emphasis in brand development and neuro-marketing, Ann Marie gives leaders the power to move their organizations forward into exponential growth. The foundation of behavioral science, market research, and an understanding of why people do what they do is what makes the growth sustainable.

Ann Marie is the co-founder and COO of Clear Vision Development. With over 21-years of experience, she has worked with NBC, the University of Missouri, MFA Oil, and Enginuity Worldwide among others. Ann Marie is a part of Gazelles International and a Certified Brand Strategist; she also on the executive committee of the Missouri Energy Initiative board.

From directing PSAs featuring the First Lady of Missouri, to being served orange juice by Garth Brooks, her work in neuro-branding has taken the team down some interesting paths while collecting their share of Addy Awards along the way.

Ann Marie lives in Columbia, Missouri with her husband Tony and their two Australian Cattle dog rescues, Oreo and Davey.

You can follow Ann Marie on Twitter: @AnnMarieMeaning

William Foster:

William brings a unique and aesthetic perspective to the production process. Having earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree, in conjunction with several years of teaching art, William knows how to manipulate video and audio elements to appeal to viewer’s senses. His artistic training is most evident when developing visual strategies for our clients’ television commercials and video projects.

An accomplished producer, William has won several local and national awards for his commercial productions. He is also highly skilled and trained, with over thirteen years of television production experience.

William has a passion for excellence, continued development and exploration of new technologies.


Kaitlin Warner:

Kaitlin has a passion for all areas of strategic planning and creative execution. As the new Media Planner for Word Marketing, she works with our consultants to understand each client’s business objectives and marketing goals. She then makes decisions on the best form of media for specific clients and campaigns based on research and analysis data using specialist industry resources.

She helps identify target audiences and analyze characteristics, behavior and media habits to create effective marketing schedules. She is also the traffic manager, instructing all media placement for our clients and conducts client billing at the end of each month.

As the Media Planner for Word Marketing, she works to identify which media platforms yield the best results for all of our clients’ advertising goals. She equips them in maximizing the impact of their advertising campaigns through the use of dimensionality and progressive media tactics.

She combines creative thinking with factual analysis to develop appropriate strategies that ensure the campaigns reach the appropriate target audiences as effectively as possible. She applies knowledge of media and communication platforms that she has received from training and experience to identify the most appropriate mediums for building brand awareness.
There is never something she does not want to learn and excel in. During her time in the J-School at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she studied and gained experience in reporting, writing, editing and strategic communications. She continues to update and expand her knowledge in these areas daily thanks to her career and her theoretical motivation factor.

Working for Clear Vision Development Group as well, she is continuously practicing in the areas of training, development, strategic planning, management and leadership proven in actual organizations in the field. At Clear Vision, we are passionate about developing people into greater leaders and building better businesses for our clients.

Amanda Tilford:

Amanda HS SmallAmanda Tilford is a Project Manager for Clear Vision Development Group.

She assists in client relations, marketing strategy and implementation to provide a path to success for both Clear Vision Development Group and our sister company, Word Marketing.

Prior to joining Clear Vision, Amanda gained a variety of leadership, sales and marketing experience while serving as the Director of Special Events and Business Development for Stephens College for 8 years  and Managing Branch Officer for a local Boone County National Bank location for the previous 7 years.  Her experience includes branding, promotions, public relations, marketing strategy, social media management, leadership, coaching, and sales.

Amanda takes great pride in both of her alma maters. Columbia College, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Marketing as well as William Woods University where she received a MBA in Business Administration.

Amanda is determined to follow the mission of the company by helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential in every area of business strategy, leadership and management development. She is an active part of the Columbia community and has been a Columbia Chamber of Commerce’s, Women’s Network member for over 12 years.

Whitney Coker:

Whitney Coker is a Project Manager at Clear Vision Development Group, where she oversees the planning, implementation, and tracking of production for Word Marketing’s clients. She graduated from Missouri State University with a Master’s in Communication and received her Bachelor’s in Mass Media from Washburn University.

Before working as a Project Manager, Whitney taught Public Speaking at Missouri State University and coordinated special events at Stephens College. Whitney has experience in marketing, public relations, and visual design and production.

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