Monday Morning Coaching Memo 7-8-2013

by Tony Richards

Welcome to the Monday Morning Coaching Memo for Monday, July 8th, 2013. A few thoughts and ideas to help you grow yourself, your leadership and your company this week.

Big Idea: Unrealized Talent Turns Into Bitterness

Everyone has talent. We have all had an experience of watching someone who has achieved a level of mastery in a craft. Whether it’s a musician, a speaker or an artisan of some sort. We marvel at the skill level and we think to ourselves, “boy, they really have talent!’. It’s as if our minds want us to believe that this person somehow came out of the womb this way, full developed into a master of their craft. We don’t see the hours and hours of diligence and patience spent developing this talent into a skill and then into mastery. We marvel at this because somewhere deep inside us a voice is telling us “we could never do something like that”.

A version of the truth. This voice inside us is one we all have to face, and it is telling you is a version of the truth. The truth is, you may never be a master guitarist, a master painter or pot maker. The reason this is a version of the truth is that I believe every person has the potential to be a master at something. Leaders must have the mindset to always be developing into master leaders. The ugly side effect of not developing your talents is they often turn into regret and bitterness later in life. Surveys of older Americans show they all would have taken more risks earlier in life. Fear holds so many people back from developing into the masters they are meant to be. Procrastination and fear are like addictive drugs that keep your life in a constant holding pattern working hard to circle the land of results and happiness, but never landing. Over the years, you keep thinking what it would have been like to live on the happy island and become bitter in your heart gazing at your desert instead.

This Week’s Focus Point: No quick-trip. Many people go to seminars or read books looking for an instant cure. You can have a dramatic change and move toward mastery in talent and expertise. But to sustain real mastery, it must be practiced. Leaders train themselves to be bold in the face of fear. There is fear of rejection, fear of being wrong, fear of not mattering, fear of physical pain or death, and fear of not looking good. Methamphetamine is an epidemic today in our land because it super-sizes procrastination, saps self-esteem and reduces fear. This is how powerful these feelings and emotions are and the damage they can do if not tackled and defeated in a healthy way.

This Week’s Action Step: Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Mastery is a result of practicing over time to correct unwanted behaviors and establish positive new ones. What action can you commit to once a week for the next three months to practice action in the face of one of your particular fears standing in the way of doing what you want to do?

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