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  • Tony Richards

    How To Convince Yourself To Improve

    Your self-talk is hugely important. Your brain believes what you consistently tell it. In almost all cases, your brain believes you more than it believes anybody else. For example, in the beginning of many executive client engagements, my client had been telling themselves what they are not, rather than what they desired to be!

  • Tony Richards

    Business Challenge: Hiring Quality People (Step 1)

    Your organization is only going to grow to the level of it’s leaders and it’s people who will become leaders. So many organizations are capped in growth because of the level of people they hire. They believe they are getting by with cheap labor, when it is actually costing them far more than they realize!

  • Tony Richards

    Being You Without Approval

    One of the greatest freedoms you will experience is the action of being yourself without others’ approval.

    Not being able to be yourself, always trying to change for others doesn’t feel good at all. Many people will not be themselves because they feel and think they are not good enough for others. Forget about getting other people’s approval. Why? Because you will never get everyone’s approval. There will be some folks who disapprove of you and your thoughts and actions no matter what.

  • Tony Richards

    The 3 Most Important Components To Focus On To Sell Your Company For Top Price

    I have been repeating these three things over and over lately everywhere I have an opportunity. What are the 3 most important things you need to get right in order to sell your company? Not only to sell it, but to get a premium? 1. The management team 2. The management team 3. The management … Read More

  • Tony Richards

    4 Components Of Positive Reinforcement

    Back in May of this year, I attended and participated in the Fortune Scale Up Summit in Atlanta. One of consulting’s greats, Aubrey Daniels spoke in a session about using positive re-enforcement as a feedback device to increase employee engagement and performance. Making behavior work is all about following the rules.¬†¬†According to Daniels positive reinforcement … Read More

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