Guest Blog

  • Meredith Hoenes

    Silence Is Not A Solution

    Ignoring a problem will not make it go away. If you’re lucky, circumstances might move the problem to the back burner, but mark my words — it will return.

  • Meredith Hoenes

    Choosing Your Media Face

    No, I don’t mean make-up when I say you need to choose your media face. I’m talking about choosing a person to represent your company, your business, your reputation. We’ve all seen those local commercials where the owner decides to be in the commercial or is the entire commercial, and it’s awful! I’ve often wondered … Read More

  • Meredith Hoenes

    Social Media: A Reporter’s New Source

    Social media sites are a growing source of information for news reporters. Learn how they cultivate and use these avenues to move their stories forward.

  • Ann Marie Quertermous-Richards

    Cynical, Practical or Just Plain Accurate?

    The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry is a mainstay of classic literature. Indeed, it is a beautiful piece of work; however, I suspect I see it differently than most.

  • Meredith Hoenes

    How to Handle the Media During a Crisis

    How will you handle your next media crisis? We have some tips for you today.

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