Organizational Development

Growth can feel like a force that slams you straight into a brick wall of complexity. It’s what every company wants but few are equipped to handle. We help prepare you for the inevitable challenges through our organizational development programs. We help you ramp up and keep pace with increasing customer demand while adding people, putting systems in place, and talking strategy on an elevated scale.

“Clear Vision helped me understand how my business partners make decisions and what drives them, as well as them understanding how I think and what drives me. It makes us a very strong management team to lead our company going forward.” 
-Tim Crockett, Partner, Crockett Engineering

Growing your organization requires discipline and the right decisions in a world that is traveling faster every moment. Through guidance and access to our tools, we help you develop the best strategic practices for your organization. We integrate consulting, coaching and valuable tools into our organizational development program.

“Clear Vision has helped our management team identify areas within our company culture that need improvement. After helping identify them, they helped our management team implement change and helped us develop strategies to hold ourselves accountable for improvement. Clear Vision was a big reason for my leadership growth, and I look forward to working with them in the future. Talk is cheap, but actions speak!” 
– Mike Kleffner, Partner, Wallace Architects

 In every business, there are important decisions that must be made to drive growth. The most critical of these decisions fall into four distinct categories:

People decisions are about a harmonious culture of accountability.

Strategy decisions are about strong toppling revenue growth.

Execution decisions are about converting revenue efficiently into profit.

Cash decisions are about having consistent sources of cash to allow you to have options and make wise decisions.