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  • It’s All Business and It’s All Personal

    Everything today is moving faster than ever. As Baptist minister Henry Emerson Fosdick said in the early 20th century, “The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it.”

    Maintaining balance in the world-on-my-hip technological environment we live in today can be difficult. Everything in life seems to be going four times faster than ever, with eight times the responsibilities, 10 times the options, 20 times the problems and only half the budget.

  • Let GPS Be Your Leadership Guide

    In ancient days, sea captains used an instrument called a sextant to determine the distance between the North Star and the horizon. This calculation enabled them to establish the course for their voyage and arrive at their desired destination.

  • Leading Clearly: Launch Business Projects With Proactive Power

    As published in the 6-24-2011 edition of the Columbia Business Times I’m often asked by clients how to be more proactive, how to take a leap of faith to move off the conceptual process and get into action. It’s prudent to gather data before stepping out in any one direction, but many leaders get into … Read More

  • Leading Clearly: Five Decisions Leaders Make Everyday

    As published in the May 27th, 2011 edition of the Columbia Business Times Leadership requires decision-making. There is just no way around it. Leaders make hundreds and even thousands of decisions during the course of any given situation. Some of those decisions involve email, some are shared via telephone, and others are made on the … Read More

  • Time Management is really YOU Management

    The reality is there is no such thing as time savings. There are no time-saving devices. There is no actual way to save or manage time. Time is a fluid thing that keeps on going regardless of what you do. You always have less time, and your future is continually being converted into your past. Successful people and unsuccessful people have the same 24-hour period each day in which to exist and produce.

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