November 15, 2017 - November 17, 2017

Exponential Leadership Retreat


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Do you need to be grounded and focused on what matters most to achieve the success you desire?

Do you need and want to create alignment and accountability with yourself?

Do you know you need to resolve some conflicts with yourself but you lack the tools and clarity to do it?

Do you want more from your career, but are unsure how to get it?

Do you desire having a stronger say over your future?

Are you longing for the ability to take charge and lead yourself, your business or a department beyond the status quo?

If so, it’s time to unlock your potential and take control of your future.

Attending our Exponential Leadership Retreat Workshop is the first step.

We understand effective leadership must go beyond a simple “how-to” and into the motivations beyond your actions. We are making these high level development strategies available in the Extreme Leadership Formula for your immediate results and success.

In these three days, we will show you how to develop a plan with techniques to increase your skills just as Fortune 500 executives do and put them to work in your career and business to give you a strong competitive advantage.

Components of the Retreat:

Three days of intensive interaction and material with me and a very small group of peers & colleagues. There will be over 22 hours of material, work, discussion and fun. We’ll enjoy some coffee, lunch, some wonderful scenery at our location and a lot of practical tools for solutions to your individual concerns. There is an agenda of the retreat below on this page as well as on-the-spot coaching time during the experience as well.
Individualized assessment tools provided for you to maximize your value. You will get data-driven metrics on your behavior, motivating driving forces, perceptual alignment, emotional intelligence and 25 leadership skills.

A Clear Vision Leadership Retreat Manual loaded with information and tools to continue your improvement for years after this retreat.

A special “members-only” social media platform you can use to stay connected in discussions with your colleagues during and after the retreat.

A special surprise gift I will reveal to you at the Retreat (you will love it!)

The Three-Day Agenda:

Wednesday November 15th:
8am-8:30am Morning Welcome, Coffee & Networking

8:30am-10am Session 1: Facing The Daily Dragon With Feedback

10am-10:15: Break

10:15am-11:45am Session 2: Creating Your Leadership Brand

11:45am-1pm Lunch

1pm-2:30pm Session 3: Massive Action Plans & Creating Your Edge

2:30pm-2:45pm Break

2:45pm-4pm Session 4: Identifying & Applying Leadership Styles

4pm-4:30pm Discussion and Dismiss

Thursday November 16th:
8am-8:30am Morning Welcome, Coffee & Networking

8:30am-10am Session 1: Leadership Behavior, The Observable Language

10am-10:15: Break

10:15am-11:45am Session 2: Identifying & Leveraging Your Driving Forces

11:45am-1pm Lunch

1pm-2:30pm Session 3: How Your Perceptions Work & Thinking Comprehensively

2:30pm-2:45pm Break

2:45pm-4pm Session 4: Communicating Powerfully & Resolving Conflicts

4pm-4:30pm Discussion and Dismiss

Friday November 17th:
8am-8:30am Morning Welcome, Coffee & Networking

8:30am-10am Session 1: The Emotional Intelligence Tools of Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

10am-10:15: Break

10:15am-11:45am Session 2: The Emotional Intelligence Tools of Energy, Empathy & Social Skills

11:45am-1pm Lunch

1pm-2:30pm Session 3: The 7 Skills To Lead Your Thinking & The 6 Skills To Lead Yourself

2:30pm-2:45pm Break

2:45pm-4pm Session 4: The 12 Skills To Lead Others

4pm-4:30pm Discussion and Dismiss

Here’s What Is In It For You:

  • Identify career limiting habits
  • Isolate and control your overwhelm
  • Identify what matters most to narrow your focus and increase clarity
  • Create alignment and accountabilities to gain traction
  • Develop your brand as a leader
  • Tap into unused potential
  • Identify your WHY
  • Uncover your HOW
  • Learn to use my Improvement Cycle to create lasting improvement and advancement
  • Learn to use my people reading process to create better rapport with others
  • Better embrace change and tackle resistance
  • Master better and more effective communication
  • Gain key networking skills
  • Understand leadership skills and enhance your own style for effectiveness
  • Gain new leadership tools for your toolbox and get mastery over what tool to use in varying situations

Special Bonus:

For 30 days, you will be able to act as a client to consult with me and build on the strategies and techniques from this time together at the Fall Leadership Retreat as you deal with developments of your career and/or business. You will also be participating with a group of people at this event like yourself in similar situations to help in advice, best practices, perspective and support.


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