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Clear Creative: Attracting the Buying Eye

Our first guide for designers made by designers. Understanding the visual real estate of the page and what attracts the buyer’s eye will improve your message being heard and increase ROI.

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Leadership Guide for Better Teamwork

In order to be a good leader, you better know how to lead. Fostering teamwork and understanding teamwork dynamics is imperative to becoming a great leader.

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5 Tactics to Boost Your Sales Numbers In 4th Quarter

The businesses that operate their business year by calendar year will be moving into the last quarter of this year’s performance. For some, 4th quarter will be a make it or break it time, the difference in hitting goal for the year or missing the mark.

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4 Behaviors C and D Players Use For Control

  One of the ways we quickly identify the quality of the employees in our client companies is by ranking them in categories of A, B, C and D players. Jack Welch also made some of this popular with his 20/70/10 approach in ranking people… Read more >

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Finding The X-Factor For Your Business

The X-Factor is a powerful component of your business strategy. Essentially, the X-Factor is an exponential advantage you can use in a key area to exploit your advantage in the marketplace and use it to dominate your industry.

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How To Beat The Reading Resistance

We call resistance to being your best self, The Dragon. If you don’t slay the Dragon in each of the areas of your life you need to be most successful, then your success rate will fall with each Dragon you allow to live.

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Clear Vision Podcast #52: Make Sure Your Brand Is Best

In this podcast episode, we cover what you can do to make sure your brand is the best it can be.

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Clear Vision Podcast #51: Add Great Sales People

Today on the Clear Vision Audio Podcast, Tony Richards continues the series on what you should be doing in your business right now. Today in Episode #51, Tony talks about adding sales people.

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Clear Vision Podcast #50: Establishing Strategic Goals

In this episode of the Clear Vision Podcast, Tony Richards discusses setting strategic goals for your business on a regular basis.

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Clear Vision Podcast #49: Aggressive Training and Developing People

We are continuing our series on “What should I be doing in my business right now?” In this podcast, Tony Richards cover #2, Aggressive Development of Your People.

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CVTV Taking Notes

In this video, you will learn more life lessons from Tony Richards. Today’s life lesson? Taking as many notes as possible. As leaders, keeping notes in a journal will help you to remember your big ideas in perfect clarity. Your ideas are worth recording.

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CVTV Lifelong Learner

In this video, you will learn one of Tony’s best life lessons learned through three decades of business. Learning is you most powerful leverage in life. Continuing to learn with give you an edge in your market and in your life.

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CVTV Love is Stronger than Fear

In this video, you will learn one of Tony’s favorite life lessons. Love is stronger than fear. Fear is conquered by love. Keep this in mind during those big life changes and focus on the love and not the fear.

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CVTV Do What You Love to Do

In this video, Tony shares another life lesson he has learned in his adventures as a business consultant. One of the best lessons in life is to do what you love to do.

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