The Escalating Streaming War

August 11, 2017

The rise of streaming content services such as Netflix and Amazon has led to a change in how people consume content. More and more people are doing away with their cable subscriptions and subscribing to these streaming services, as the cost of what you pay versus what you actually consume is so much better.

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3 Powerful Tactics For Productivity

September 15, 2017

  Many people assume being more productive is about getting more done in less time. Actually that takes care of efficiency, but you can actually be efficient without being more effective. Thatā€™s getting things done right. What most CEOs and executives want is their cake… Read more >

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3 Ways Mergers & Acquisitions Fall Apart

September 1, 2017

  I have been at the forefront of a few M&A deals in my career. Some have started out sluggish but turned wonderful in the end. Others looked great out of the gate, then crashed and burned. Some were stillborn. Some were absolute dreams. It… Read more >

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How To Convince Yourself To Improve

January 4, 2017

Your self-talk is hugely important. Your brain believes what you consistently tell it.

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Business Challenge: Hiring Quality People (Step 1)

December 13, 2016

Your organization is only going to grow to the level of it’s leaders and it’s people who will become leaders. So many organizations are capped in growth because of the level of people they hire. They believe they are getting by with cheap labor, when it is actually costing them far more than they realize!

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Being You Without Approval

August 30, 2016

One of the greatest freedoms you will experience is the action of being yourself without others’ approval.

Why? Because you will never get everyone’s approval. There will be some folks who disapprove of you and your thoughts and actions no matter what.

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The 3 Most Important Components To Focus On To Sell Your Company For Top Price

August 4, 2016

I have been repeating these three things over and over lately everywhere I have an opportunity. What are the 3 most important things you need to get right in order to sell your company? Not only to sell it, but to get a premium? 1.… Read more >

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4 Components Of Positive Reinforcement

July 5, 2016

Back in May of this year, I attended and participated in the Fortune Scale Up Summit in Atlanta. One of consulting’s greats, Aubrey Daniels spoke in a session about using positive re-enforcement as a feedback device to increase employee engagement and performance. Making behavior work… Read more >

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10 Tactics To Kill Negativity

April 1, 2016

It’s hard to stay positive in the midst of a toxic environment, but do it for your own healthy thinking and effectiveness. Here are 10 ways: 1. Take control of the way you respond to situations. Always respond. Don’t react. 2. Proceed forward in ways… Read more >

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Combat Envious Thoughts And Feelings

March 31, 2016

If you’ve been to any of my live seminars or speeches, you know I post that everything begins with a thought or feeling. Thoughts and feelings then typically get transferred into language we use to communicate what we are thinking or feeling and then the… Read more >

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5 Principles For Leadership Success

March 30, 2016

One thing I have learned over the course of my career is the value of having principles. I have learned that most successful people in any area, field or endeavor are successful because they operate by principles that help keep them on course to whatever… Read more >

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