One of the greatest passions in my life is to help people grow, develop, and reach their dreams.

    Tony Richards
    Clear Vision Development Group
    Columbia, MO

    Under Tony’s leadership, I have been exposed to more professional growth and training than anyone else had ever offered me. I credit a large part of my development to Tony, and still look to him for opportunities and challenges.

    Anna Lawrence
    Word Marketing
    Columbia, MO

    If you want enjoy strategic planning, Tony is your man! Tony has been a tremendous help to RMHC of Mid-Missouri. His creative solutions have helped us overcome many hurdles. I wish that Tony would facilitate all of my meetings. He has a talent for taking a random mess of ideas and turning them into a well organized plan for the future. You are sure to achieve great things with Tony’s help.

    Melody Bezenek
    Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Missouri

    Tony is a top notch strategist and overall person. I have learned a lot from him.

    DJ Daller
    OnMedia Corporation

    Tony has done wonders in our executive coaching sessions. He brings an amazing amount of insight, experience and motivation to the table. His ability to break down complicated concepts into easy, doable action items has jumpstarted our sales. Working with Tony has helped me not only in my career, but in all areas of my life.

    Kerry Goyette
    Accurate Rx

    Tony does an amazing job at understanding how to make our business more efficient and grow. He is an incredible resource and an excellent teacher. He is able to take the best of the best resources and make the information relevant to our world.

    What separates Tony from other business consultants is that he is using the practices he advises you to use in his own businesses. Additionally he has so much ownership in our business results it feels like he is part owner!

    He also excels at developing leaders within your company. I have grown professionally, personally and spiritually as a direct result of working with Tony. Now that we have Tony on our team our business feels like it runs on rocket fuel.

    Jay Bryant-Wimp
    Accurate Rx

    Tony was brought on to this year’s Chamber of Commerce Leadership Columbia program to design and implement the leadership training for the 30 class members. As the co-chair of the program, I can say that Tony’s expertise in the topic and the energy he brings to each and every session has been a tremendous addition to the program. Tony has received very high marks after each and every session. I personally have utilized Tony and his skills in my professional and personal life and have come to consider him a good friend.

    Craig Brumfield
    Veterans United Home Loans

    As a member of the Leadership Columbia 2011 class, Tony took us on a development journey that will forever change the way I view myself and others around me. He brings an expert knowledge and energy to each session, bringing up new ideas of thought, while hammering home the basics. I was very impressed with his access to measurement tools that were truly accurate. Tony demonstrated his experience by challenging us as a group, while providing opportunities for personal growth and achievement.

    Gerrit Hane
    Bukaty Companies

    For those of us in Columbia, Tony provides a national-level leadership resource right here at home. Tony’s insights and business/life experience make him an effective business coach; add that to his ability as a presenter and you have a powerful combination. Hire Tony as a business coach or as a speaker — you’ll be glad you did.

    Sean Spence
    Marathon Building Environments
    Columbia, MO

    I asked Tony to be a guest speaker at the Jefferson City NAIFA June 2011 meeting. Tony agreed and gave an A+ presentation to a local group of insurance agents and financial advisors. Speaking on leadership and business growth, Tony captivated the audience and never lost anyone’s attention. What a great speaker – highly recommended!

    Rahgy Abidir

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