Media Planning

Our Media Planning Strategy

Effective delivery of your brand story is imperative to the brand development process. Having a compelling story that moves consumers to buy is only successful if it reaches your desired audience. Because of its importance, we have developed a proprietary method of media planning, which we call The Buying Triangle.

The Buying TriangleMedia Planning

Our methodical approach provides the most efficient and effective scheduling of your brand message. Each of the three aspects – transactional, relational and strategic – must be in balance to obtain the most successful outcomes.

Transactional: You gain a superior advantage by employing our tenacious team to negotiate the best rates and prime placement with media outlets.

Relational: Experience the results of enlisting media representatives that offer the rates we require to buy their stations or publications. This approach promotes respect by removing adversarial exchanges while creating a sense of teamwork. It’s a powerful recipe that forges strong relationships resulting in lower rates and added value for your business.

Strategic: Your business benefits from our experts digging deep to understand your goals, your brand and your target market. We then formulate the most effective schedule and placement possible to deliver your brand message.

Individually, these sides cannot stand. Combine their forces, and together a powerful structure is formed – a structure that provides Clear Vision Development Group clients with an outstanding return on investment.