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Tony Richards is Founder and Senior Partner of Clear Vision Development Group.

Originally from Kentucky, Tony was a C-level executive for 20 years before starting Clear Vision Development Group in 2005. As one of the company’s business consultants, he has published over 500 articles and wrote the book, The Big Idea: 52 Ways To Be A Better Leader Now.

He has worked with AT&T, GE and Conoco Phillips. Since then, Tony currently consults for both MFA Oil and MFA Incorporated, First State Community Bank, and others.

Tony has been named one of the Top 100 Business Consultants, Speakers and Thinkers by Inc. Magazine.

Tony is a Certified Brand Strategist, a member of Gazelle’s International, and one of the go-to business consultants for CEO’s and leaders who want to see exponential growth and leadership development for their organizations and themselves.


Ann Marie Quertermous is the Co-Founder and COO of Clear Vision Development Group.

Ann Marie is one of our business consultants and primarily focuses on brand strategy. She is a believer in continual learning, personal initiative, and the limitlessness of human potential. As a result, she digs deep into what makes business work, dividing it into four key components: people, strategy, execution, and cash.

Business consultants who focus on brand development and neuromarketing give leaders the power to grow their business. Ann Marie uses market research and has an understanding of why people do what they do. The combination of these is what makes growth sustainable.

In addition to her 21 years of experience, she has worked with NBC, the University of Missouri, MFA Oil, and Enginuity Worldwide. Ann Marie is a Certified Brand Strategist and a member of Gazelles International. She also serves as a board member of the Missouri Energy Initiative and the Central Missouri Humane Society.


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