Better Than Before Episode 215: 3 Reasons Why Your Business is Stuck

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world-class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards answers listener questions and discusses the reasons your business may be stuck in his leadership lesson.

Segment 1: Tony Richards discusses coaching businesses whose growth has stalled.

01:00 – Welcome to Better Than Before

04:30 – The Self-Esteem Workshop

05:30 – Getting out of Growth Traps

Segment 2: Tony Richards Answers Your Leadership Questions

11:30 – Listener Questions

What makes a team player?

My partner and I have accumulated debt from trying to grow our business, and we have employees that don’t fit our beliefs and values. We’ve struggled to address all these issues of letting people go, debt management, and trying to keep good employees. How do we best handle all of this?

I have been at this business for two years now and I’m struggling to keep my commitment to it. Any advice?

I have heard Warren Buffett say he only invests in businesses with a mote. I’m trying to figure out my mote and how to have one for my business. Can you give any words of wisdom on this?

I’m thinking about starting a business. What is the best way to fund it?

Who is your role model?

In your opinion, what is the best way to incentivize employees in a business?

I am the CEO of a mid-market growth company. Which do you think makes a company like ours grow faster – selling new products and services to current customers or acquiring new customers?

Segment 3: Leadership Lesson: 3 Reasons Why Your Business is Stuck

50:30 – Focus on Bigger

51:30 – Too Little Execution

52:30 – Distractions

Shift your focus to what is really important to you in your life or organization right now! #BetterThanBefore


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