Better Than Before Episode 220: KJ Blattenbauer on Brand and PR

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world-class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards interviews KJ Blattenbauer, business strategist and publicist, on the benefits of Public Relations to your brand.

Segment 1: Tony Richards discusses Strategic Planning as a process and not an event.

01:00 – Welcome to Better Than Before

02:00 – Strategic Planning is a Process

Segment 2: KJ Blattenbauer, business strategist and publicist, joins us as this week’s featured guest.

09:30 – Guest Background

11:30 – Public Relations Impact on Brand

15:30 – Learning PR

19:00 – Recent Case Studies

25:00 – Transparency and Honesty

26:30 – Tony’s Lightning Leadership Questions

Segment 3: Leadership Lesson: 7 Qualities Essential for Awesome Team Leaders

35:30 – Active Listening and Fairness

37:00 – Clear Expectations and Directions

38:30 – Good Decision-Making Ability

America loves authenticity. They truly love when you are being transparent and honest with them. #PR #BetterThanBefore

About the Guest

KJ Blattenbauer is a business strategist and publicist with more than 22 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and influencers get more clicks, coverage, and collaborations. She has been recognized as one of the Twin Cities’ 25 Women to Watch by The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and as a Trailblazer by VoyageDallas. KJ’s expertise also has been featured on Entrepreneurs on Fire, PR Daily, Refinery29, Inc., The Today Show, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and more.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from The University of North Dakota, where she was a Division II athlete, and a master’s degree from The University of St. Thomas, as well as a certificate in fashion industry essentials from Parson’s School of Design.


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