Better Than Before Episode 127: 16 Skills for Successful Self-Management


Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode of Better Than Before, Tony Richards outlines the 16 skills needed to be successful at Self-Management.

Segment 1: Tony Richards discusses what’s on his mind with producer Bill Foster.

01:00 – Welcome to Better than Before

02:00 – Patriotism in Movies

05:00 – Latest News in Business and Stocks

Segment 2: Part One of Tony’s Leadership Lesson – Skills for Self-Management

23:30 – Self-Confidence and Sense of Humor

26:30 – Living in Balance and for Purpose

30:00 – Risk Taking and Competitiveness

31:00 – Learner and Coach-ability

Segment 3: Part Two of Tony’s Leadership Lesson – Skills for Self-Management

35:00 – Emotional Intelligence and Grit

37:00 – Enthusiasm and Ethics

39:00 – Friendliness and Adaptability

40:00 – Authenticity and Assertiveness

Time cannot be managed. You can only manage yourself. #BetterThanBefore

Resources Mentioned

The Seven Sides of Self


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