Better Than Before Episode 306: Elite Level Performance

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world-class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards discusses strategy and tactics to help you achieve elite level performance.

Tony Richards pinpoints 4 Power Tools to Improve Performance

02:00 – Welcome to Better Than Before

06:00 – Ideation

10:30 – Visualization

13:30 – Verbalization

20:00 – Materialization

Leadership Lesson: Evaluate Key Areas of Elite Level Performance

28:30 – Let go of the past

31:30 – Chart your progress

34:00 – Envision your ideal outcome

Small daily improvements over the course of time will lead to exponential results. #BetterThanBefore


Blog Post: Why the inner game is so important to elite performance

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