Better Than Before Episode 133: Jessie Yankee On Bringing Business Goals to Life


Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jessie Yankee, Executive Director for Missouri Women’s Business Center, on the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting a small business.

Segment 1: Tony Richards discusses recent news with producer Bill Foster.

01:00 – Welcome to Better Than Before

03:00 – News in Science and Health

07:30 – Statistic of the Week

Segment 2: Jessie Yankee, Executive Director for MoWBC, joins us as this week’s guest.     

12:00 – Guest Background

17:00 – The Missouri Women’s Business Center

21:00 – Coaching and Consulting

28:00 – Challenges in 2019

31:00 – Tony’s Lightning Leadership Questions

Segment 3: Leadership Lesson: Cleansing your life to make room for new opportunities.

38:30 – Review Your Projects

41:00 – Delegate Effectively

42:30 – Obligation Overload

Nothing is more important to a startup than the help and support of their community. #BetterThanBefore

About the Guest

Jessie Yankee graduated from MU with a BSBA and followed with an MBA from William Woods. While in school, she worked full-time at the Small Business and Technology Development Center’s state office where she was first introduced to the world of entrepreneurship. She started EasyPC and after seven great years, she merged EasyPC with another local vendor, Midwest Computech and worked as the director of business sales and marketing until the opportunity to join the MoWBC arose. She is extremely passionate about our community and entrepreneurship, and this role allowed her to combine both into a meaningful career.


Resources Mentioned

Missouri Women’s Business Center


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