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100 Things That Make Me Happy

Leaders are going to hit bumps in the road. You don’t have to worry about problems and challenges, they will find you. Therefore, you need to know what things in life make you happy to counteract those situations and times in your life.

I’ve journaled a quick list of 100 things that make me happy.

1. The silence of 5am

2. When my dog Sophie greets me at the door, she is always happy

3. The look on someone’s face in a workshop when they “get it”.

4. My Southern California Rock iTunes playlist (Eagles, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, J.D. Souther, etc.

5. When any member of our company team hits a goal they set for themselves

6. When a client achieves something they once thought impossible

7. The sound of my Mom and Dad’s voice on our regular Sunday Night call

8. The feedback and value I receive from my Lead With Giants Community

9. The smell of fresh cut grass

10. When I hear that any friend has kicked an addiction of any kind

11. The sound of the coffee pot brewing

12. The instantaneous function of Nook and Kindle books being in my hands with a click

13. Teaching

14. Finding the answer

15. Making people’s dreams come true

16. That God made the internet just for me

17. The color blue

18. The number 4

19. Talking with Ann Marie about things I can’t imagine discussing with anyone else

20. Coming up with pithy things to post on my Social Media pages

21. Fall/Autumn

22. Dreaming (both sleeping and awake)

23. A great story told greatly

24. Meeting new people and clicking with them quickly

25. Coaching

26. Rainy days

27. Hanging out on late Summer nights when there is a breeze

28. The sound of a bat hitting a ball followed by crowd noise

29. The University of Kentucky Band playing “I Can’t Turn You Loose” by Otis Redding

30. Drinking iced tea with an orange slice

31. Star Gazing and taking in the bigness of the universe

32. Developing new models and intellectual property to help people

33. Writing

34. Winter

35. Halloween and children

36. Thanksgiving and family

37. Christmas at home

38. Feeling like I am doing what I was born to do

39. The ocean

40. The mountains

41. Snowy days

42. Cool hotels, bars and lobbies

43. Great meeting rooms

44. Singing songs I love

45. Freedom

46. Barnes and Noble

47. Listening to Sophie and Ann Marie sleeping

48. Camaraderie

49. Hitting a goal

50. Watching people grow and transform

51. Technology

52. Summer

53. College Basketball

54. Jazz music

55. Losing myself in prayer and/or meditation early in the morning

56. Laughing until I cry

57. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

58. Seeing the sunrise over the Ocean

59. When someone gives a dog or cat a nice home

60. Long sleeves and shorts

61. National Lampoon’s Animal House

62. My home

63. Shark Tank

64. Driving on interstate highways I haven’t driven on before

65. Watching my brother teach leadership to young boys on a baseball field

66. Watching my brother grow up to be awesome

67. Memories of the stages of my life

68. Pictures of people I have met

69. Amazon Prime & Netflix

70. The iPhone

71. Spring

72. The twilight moments between 8 and 9 pm in the Summertime

73. Dinner with people I enjoy

74. Learning

75. Giving gifts

76. Helping people

77. Songs that I can see in my mind

78. Songs that remind me of wonderful people and places

79. Skype

80. Traveling

81. Movies that inspire me (i.e. Miracle, Apollo 13 or The Persuit of Happiness, etc)

82. Mad Men

83. When someone refers me to someone else

84. Thinking about how good things are in America

85. Leaves falling

86. A fresh, clean undershirt

87. History

88. Marking things off my list

89. Feeding snack bones to Sophie

90. Spreadsheets

91. Showers

92. Winter days and fireplaces

93. Talking with my best friends

94. Speaking to groups

95. Saturdays

96. Jeans that fit just right

97. When my car and office are clean

98. Technology

99. When people use the apostrophe correctly

100. Ann Marie telling me “everything will be alright.”

How many can you list and do for yourself when you need something happy?

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