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Being A Visonary

A vision is a picture of where you want to end up.

It’s like a blueprint of a finished product you are about to produce. Leaders keep their hands on the process but they keep another part of their focus on the end result. Having a strong, clear vision is an essential part of every leaders success. Once you have invested some time in self-discovery and have a strong sense of the purpose you are destined to fulfill, capturing your clear vision is the logical next step.

Many times, when we see someone who has mastered the process of seeing and capturing the vision they want to produce, we call that person a visionary. Don’t get intimidated or say “Oh my gosh, I’m NOT a visionary!” Remember, a visionary is simply someone who has captured what they would like to see manifested in reality in their life and business. Where many people come short is when they stay in the dreaming stage, and they allow their thoughts to simply remain a dream. In the 1800’s, the practice of smoking opium was so prevalent, the experiences of thought that occurred produced a common phrase which we still use. Pipe Dreams.

Don’t allow your vision to remain a pipe dream.

Having a vision means coupling your purpose, what you are born and meant to accomplish, with your vision, a product of your imagination concerning how you see your future playing out.

Today should be the day that you start living out of the future your imagine for yourself, your life or your company rather than living out of the past that has already occured.

Sometimes we get so nostalgic about what we have already accomplished, or even worse, what has occurred TO us, that we forget to imagine what our future can become in the best possible terms. Visionaries are not satisfied with what is currently happening, they are constantly interested in what is going to happen and how they can make it happen. Some people just “go with the flow”, but visionaries CREATE the flow.

Pull out some paper, a notepad or your journal and spend some time with each of the below items. Do not progress to the next item until your have a clear vision you can see on the items in order! Now start your path to being a visionary!

  1. What have you always wanted to do?

  2. What are the deepest desires of your heart?

  3. What thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams have remained consistent with you throughout the years of your life?

  4. What specifically can you do TODAY to begin to fulfill those previously concieved thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams. Start your action plan NOW to begin to create the flow you want.

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