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Do You Have A Talent Shortage Or Talent Slippage?

What do your best employees want from their jobs?

The answer we most often hear is, to continue growing.

When your focus on developing your people fades, their enthusiasm and commitment fades as well. Your best people are top performers who value and seek growth opportunities. They want to be challenged and advance. They will seek these rewards where they can find them, inside your company or elsewhere.

You begin to experience talent slippage when your best people start walking out the door to better opportunities for learning and growth.

Reducing your risk for this talent loss is increasing in importance each and every day. Having excellent talent is becoming more and more difficult as the large population segment known as the Baby Boomers retire from working and the smaller numbers of Generation X and Y are unable, simple by sheer numbers, to replace the quantity and quality of talent available.

The real question for the leader is, what are you doing to prepare and/or replace your best employees with emerging, top talent who carry your organization forward into the future? If you combine and compare the talent shortage with the talent slippage, you may be headed for trouble.

If you evaluate where your organization is as far as talent is concerned and what you are doing to develop your talent, it could be the best exercise you perform this week.

Here are some questions to ask:

1. Who are your best and top performing employees?

2. What tools do you have in place to measure talent performance?

3. How are you developing your top performers?

If this has caught your interest, we love to help you answer these questions and more in the arena of talent development. Simply fill out the contact form to get started.

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