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Everyone Is Better Than You At Something

Think about it.

You have your abilities and skills in which you excel and so do others. Sometimes people who have a hard time giving trust or accepting others may have a thinking pattern that suggests they are superior to everyone due to some success or achievement area.

The reality is no one person is superior to everyone is every profession, field, talent, ability or skill. You may be an outstanding musician, but someone else may be a great teacher. You may be an awesome investment banker, but someone else may be a great farmer. You may be a great humanitarian, but someone else may be a great business thinker or store owner.

Everyone is better than you at something. No one is great at everything.

Think about it.

We really have no freedom to look down on another person, because that person is better than you at something. They may be:

  1. a better father

  2. a better mother

  3. a better leader

  4. a better friend

  5. a better investor

  6. a better athlete

  7. a better speaker

  8. a better connector of people

  9. a better manager

  10. a better listener

  11. a better consultant

  12. a better seller

  13. a better designer

  14. a better designer

We would go on and on, but you get the picture. What would happen if we did these things?

1. What would happen if we started to genuinely notice and admire people for things in which they are better than us?

2. What would happen if we set aside some time and energy to really pursue people and gain knowledge and skill from the people who are better than us which we want to be more like?

3. What would happen if we actually allowed people to flourish in the things in which they are better instead of believing our success raises us above all others?

I know I’m being somewhat theoretical today, however the basic premise is to be thoroughly interested in people, rather than trying to be interesting. Take time to actually find the gold inside someone else and realize everyone is better than you at something. Find out what it is and verbalize it in a way which adds even more value to the other person. Stopping to realize your success does not mean you are great in all things. You will find it immensely rewarding, and I believe you will start hearing it from others as well.

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