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Forgive Yourself For All Your Mistakes

What good does it do to continually beat yourself up?

There is no person on the planet who has not screwed something up. We all have. There is no person who has not made wrong turn, said the wrong thing, made someone feel like crap.

We all have.

There is no person who has not made the wrong decision, picked the wrong person or blamed the wrong person.

At some point, though, to productively move on with your life and career in a healthy way, you have to forgive yourself. Give yourself some slack. Extend a break to yourself.

For everything. Yes, for every mistake you have ever made.

When you face your personal mistakes the temptation to shut down and disengage is strong. We all want to cover it up in the litterbox.

Summon the courage to face that stuff. You will find all the fears you may have around it are unfounded and it’s been keeping you from going into similar areas out of reluctance. Make sure you tell yourself, you are smarter and wiser today than yesterday. Be grateful for your experiences and the life lessons you have learned.

You need to love yourself just as you would someone else who needs support and forgiveness. Release it, forgive yourself and forget it.

You are more than worthy of it.

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