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Hotel Generosity

I’ve been traveling the last two months with Ann Marie. Two weeks in Arizona, one week in January and one week in February, then one week this past week in Florida. In the middle of checking out, making sure we have everything and rushing to the airport, Ann Marie does two things i greatly admire.

Ann Marie leaves notes and tips.

She is the consummate appreciative individual for what people do for a living. Hotel people work laboriously hard every single day. No matter if they are bringing food to the room, replacing something in the room, giving us directions to someplace or cleaning, she leaves notes of appreciation for them and tips.

Next time you’re checking-in for a weekend away or a week-long holiday break think about the hard-working staff trying to keep everything running smoothly 24-hours a day. There’s no off switch for hotels even when one rooms asleep you can guarantee there’s another causing havoc.

You think you are under scrutiny? You think your reviews are tough?

Ha! Are the results of the job you are doing publicly posted on Trip Advisor? Many hotel staff fear a bad review over the possibly of losing their job. And even worse, what do most people say when they check out and are asked how everything was? “Everything was fine, thank you”!

I won’t even think about the crazy emotion they have to deal with when the WiFi goes down or doesn’t work.

Leadership is about giving and being generous with what you have. Especially with those who serve you and help you. The return you receive may not be immediate but one thing for us is for sure, it keeps you thankful and grateful.

What I like about Ann Marie’s generosity actions:

1. The notes are affirming. These words give hope and encouragement to the people who have worked hard to serve us and make our stay enjoyable. It only takes a few minutes but the impact is huge and long lasting.

2. The tips are an expression of high value. It makes a statement that what that person is doing was appreciated is it is a statement on the value that person is bringing to our experience.

3. It tells me I have the right partner. I want to be partnered with someone who sees and values the potential and the effort that other put forth. It’s a small investment of her time to let others know they matter greatly.

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