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In Leaders, Size Does Matter

The size of leaders is equal to the size of the problems they can handle.

One of the primary goals of every organization should be to develop people at all levels who can solve the problems right in front of them. Having people who want to demonstrate the value they bring to the organization. The problem is that in many organizations, the attitude is “it’s not my problem”! Instead of brainstorming, we engage in an activity I call “blame-storming”, where we try very hard to figure out who to lay the blame of the problem on!

Wouldn’t it be great, if instead, we fought just as vigourously over who gets to solve the problem?

The difference between successful people & organizations & the unsuccessful is that the successful ones attack their problems. One of the basic principles of strategy is you want to attack yourself and your issues before someone else exploits them. In other words, if my organization has some big customer service issues, I want to launch an initiative to solve that before my competitor launches an intitiative to exploit my issues and take market share from me. Successful people & organizations tackle their issues first and solve them first.

Also, why do successful people go looking for the problems to solve? Because, solving problems creates value. If you want to make yourself more valuable, solve the problems others can’t or won’t solve. The size of leaders are equal to the size of the problem they can solve. Problems are a good thing, they create value. If the problem is bigger than you are, you must design a way to grow yourself to be bigger than the problem you face. Average people have the same problem day after day, year after year. It never changes or goes away. I don’t believe you are an average person, solve that problem you face today, once and for all.

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