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Inspiration Works Better Than Manipulation

Believe it or not, many people do not look forward to going to work.

How can unenergized and disengaged employees offer terrific customer service, develop innovative products and services and.or come hop with great ideas to move your company into the future?

They can’t. They won’t.

Your job as executive/business owner/leader is to inspire them to be what they truly desire to be.

The best version of themselves.

You cannot inspire unless you are inspired. Being abundantly passionate about your business and your role is not enough.

You must be abundantly passionate about what your company does for your customers.

Steve Jobs was not passionate about computers. Elon Musk is not passionate about cars. Jeff Bezos is not passionate about books or movies or delivery methods Richard Branson is not passionate about planes

They are all passionate about developing tools and plans that directly affect customers and their lives.

John F. Kennedy was not necessarily passionate about going to the moon.

He was extremely passionate about what it would do for the citizens of the United States in a global context.

Inspiration ignites energy inside people. Developing your inspiration to share with your people also insulates you from the temptation to manipulate them. Leaders who do not have inspiration to draw upon often resort to using their passionate personality to manipulate people to action.

Leaders inspire. Dictators manipulate.

Inspiration is the raw material you use to clarify and paint the picture of your vision. Once your inspiration becomes a catalyst to generate inspiration in those you lead, they will want to activate their energies in full support of what you are trying to accomplish in your mission. If you are truly inspired and become a communicator or that inspiration, you won’t need to manipulate, cajole or bribe anymore. Ask questions that challenge people to use their greatness to make a difference. “What are you going to do about that?”

Ask. Don’t Tell.

You will need to work on and develop your communication skills to help people come into a more receptive mind to be open to your inspirational ideas and concepts. You discover and refine your communication skills with much effort and work. Our brains are programmed more for stories than for abstract ideas. Stories can include the real stories of how your products are improving the lives of your customers.

In order for it to work for you, you have to work it.

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