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Involve Your Customers

In the business-building process, it’s easy to fall into the paradigm of masterminding the perfect scenario.

After all, we’ve designed the perfect business model and architecture with just the right  vision, now all we have to do is tell our story and away we go, we’re launching the perfect business!

Except we forgot one thing.

We forgot to ask any potential customers what they were thinking.

Today’s consumer (especially on the younger end) want the spotlight to shine on them, especially if you can do it very very early in the process. Extreme personalization gives the marketing process a whole new face. Customers want to be part of an intuitive brand design process and we need their input to help us sift through all the clutter and fine tune all our assumptions.

Think about it, the younger end of your demographic shunned traditional advertising and created peer-to-peer networks.

They WANT to help you build what they WANT.

Transparency and connection will take you a long way in your brand strategy.

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