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Leadership Distinctives: Part Three

How do you know what to do next?

Leadership Distinctive #3: A leader has a realistic perspective on the urgent.

Short term versus long term. Many people think that being a leader is about being a visionary. There certainly is quite a bit to be said for having long term vision. At the same time, many people who have their sights only set on the long view never get anything done today that’s important.

There’s the old story about the cowboy who enjoyed riding out on the desert prairie looking out over the vast desert and drinking in long loving looks at the horizon while there was a rattlesnake right under his feet.

  1. Take a look around your immediate vicinity, see any rattlesnakes.

  2. What can you do today to accomplish your long term vision?

  3. What the most important thing that is pressing you or your team today?

Ask someone else in your organization what is extremely urgent today. Be prepared. They’ll tell you.

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