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NEWS: Tony Launches New Self-Esteem Workshop

COLUMBIA, MO – August 7, 2018 – The Self-Esteem Workshop is a one-day professional development workshop designed to help individuals, in a small group setting, develop the tools necessary to empower them to overcome the pressure and unfamiliarity of professional and personal circumstances.

Participants will find a safe environment in which they will have the opportunity to share and receive feedback regarding common sources of poor self-esteem and then gradually move on to individual types of issues.

With the guidance of Business and CEO Coach, Tony Richards, attendees will interact through discussion and role-play by encountering certain situations or personalities that cause self-esteem problems. In doing this they will take away a personalized strategy that can be used immediately.

Being exposed to techniques based on his work with CEO’s and high-level executives, Tony will help participants to:

  1. Learn how to perceive threats and vulnerabilities to better prepare for challenging situations

  2. Learn how to resolve the baggage that keeps them from success

  3. Learn how to avoid the circumstances in life that damage self-esteem

  4. Learn how to improve self-esteem when they need it most

  5. Receive non-threatening feedback to help them perform at the highest level

Visit to register for a seat in this workshop. Space is limited. An early bird fee of $125 is offered until September 11.  Then the fee will go up to $175 until registration closes on September 18.

About Clear Vision Development Group

The core purpose of Clear Vision Development Group is to bring the best business ideas to the world. Along with this workshop, Clear Vision Development Group publishes fresh and applicable content on their website, including leadership guides, blogs, video series, the book “The Big Idea: 52 Ways to Be a Better Leader Now” (also available in audiobook) and produces the weekly podcast Better Than Before with Tony Richards.

For more information, contact Clear Vision Development Group at 573-442-9673 or visit our website at

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