• Tony Richards

Question Everything

The title of my blog today is the same as a famous mantra of the X-Files television show.

Question Everything.

As you grow as a person and as a leader, learning to ask great questions is an art form everyone should learn. Many people tend to drift off mentally during conversations, not ever picking up on half of what the other person is saying. What brings the other person back into the conversation?


I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but questions have the ability to focus people during a conversation so well, their minds just automatically re-focus on the conversation at hand.

Some questions can trigger you to start thinking, visualizing and feeling emotion. Some questions can be used to get information across. Some questions can be used in speeches or talks to get attention.

In sales, sometimes we use assumptive questions to move the sales transaction along, where we assume some things to get to the “would you like that in blue or white” question.

  1. How can you start using questions more effectively?

  2. What things are going on in your life today that need questions applied to them?

  3. What things have you always accepted as fact, that perhaps need questioning?

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