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Recognize Contributions

There are people in your company that are doing good things.

There are people in your company that are not doing things they way you want.

Which gets more of your attention?


Sometimes we spend so much time trying to improve our company, take care of customers, coach our employees on how to get better, that we forget to acknowledge the good things that many in the company are contributing. You can rectify this today. You can. Stop right now and make a list of the good things you’ve seen just this week going on all around you in your business or organization and then go around and thank people for the good contribution they made and that you took note of it.

Now that you’ve changed that momentum a little, your next step is to devise a process to make this a continuous habit, not a drive-by behavior.

  1. How can you take note of the good things you see?

  2. Vary up your ways of communication. One day, drop by. Another day, leave a note. Another day, call. Another day, e-mail. In-person is always best, but most managers I’ve seen are not always genuine when they continuously do this and it shows to the other person, so it’s best to vary it.

  3. Make it a habit.

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