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The Coaching Magic Wand

I love this.

Couple of things.

1. When you are a coach, you do not have a “magic wand” you wave over your client and magically they become something different and start to fulfill their potential. It must come from within them to change. The motivation and potential already resides within them, not you. They must realize and commit to doing what they have to do to get the results they desire.

2. Most people have various people around them who enable their excuses for not changing their behavior. You must stop listening to a myriad of people and decide who and what you will listen to.

3. When clients and teams realize what they must do together to get the result they desire, they hold themselves and each other accountable for the result.

University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari discusses these elements in this video after the 2011 NCAA tournament game against West Virginia University.

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