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The Inside Is What Counts

Pressure brings out the contents of the container.

Have you ever applied pressure to a container of some sort, to see what the contents were like? A toy, a soda can, an old machine that no longer works? I just heard a song on the radio the other day where the artist was talking about squeezing “Stretch Armstrong” just to see what was inside!

I began to think about pressure. We go through our lives frequently trying to avoid pressure, but pressure reveals what’s really inside us. I believe the inside of us is so much more valuable than we can imagine. However, over our lifetime, we cover up our inside with lies we tell ourselves, or others tell us. We start to believe we aren’t worthy or good enough. We believe we don’t have the capacity or capability to handle certain jobs or projects. We believe we can’t handle a new job, a new relationship, a higher level that brings more pressure.

Sometimes we get so covered over with these beliefs, we don’t remember what is really inside. A strength that is so much stronger than the outside. We might even dress ourselves up with a degree, certification, fancy clothes, a bigger house or a sharp car.

Every now and then, it takes pressure on our lives to break through the outside and reveal the true contents of the inside. I would challenge you to take a few minutes and make a list of the great qualities you have displayed in the past, but you’ve let get dull and less sharp. Maybe you used to display great trust in people or a concept, but hurt has wounded you and you’ve let that trust muscle atrophy. Maybe you had a passion or excitement for life that you have let slip.

I would challenge you today to put yourself under a little pressure. Yes, apply the pressure to yourself to crack through the tough exterior and get to those things that you have covered over. They are great things about you and just like muscles, you can build them back again. Like working out, it may be a little sore the first time or two. Many people think pressure is to be avoided, but leaders create pressure. They put in place creative tension to get results. The first person you always must lead is you.

Do this for me.

Write down an area in which you were most recently pressured or challenged. What did it reveal about you? If you don’t like what was revealed, there’s some building up on the inside that needs to be done in that area. Don’t cover it over, build it up!

I’m 100% dedicated to your greatness and success, have a wonderful day!

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