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Top Qualities for a community leader

Community is about people and their shared experiences. It is about trust, belonging and safety. Communities exist within communities finding commonality amongst diversity. Good community leaders must be able to cultivate, nurture, champion and grow both the commonalities and diversities. Community can be described as a neighborhood – the geographical location. But really, community is about collaboration through organizational development for the betterment of the neighborhood – and the neighbors.

Good community leaders are necessary because people need hope. They need to feel optimistic. They desire a good future, safety, and opportunity. A great community leader should recognize these desires and work within and outside the community to foster these hopes.

organizational development

Community is about connection. Our communities help us to navigate through and around daily living. If those things around us are consistently operating in an appropriate way we feel safe, trusting and secure in the environment around us. A good community leader is one who will be the champion of providing this type of environment.

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