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Viruses In Your Business DNA

Your business model is made up of people & processes.

They are a product of the architecture you’ve built throughout the years which we will call your “business DNA”, the very core life-strands of your business.

What happens when there’s a disease or a virus in your life-system?

Your business gets sick.

Viruses include:

  1. An inability to see shifts in the marketplace, including trending up and down

  2. An unwillingness to confront competitive shifts and realities

  3. A desire to protect today’s market definition, market share and not attack boundaries that could include expansion

  4. Increasing complexity resulting in lower speed, increased costs and less quality

  5. A tendency toward internal conflict and organizational meltdown

  6. A leadership which believes capital investment answers all

  7. No attention to what the customer is saying or more important what they are needing

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