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Why We Need Leaders

While this particular subject could be very exhaustive, here’s just four quick reasons why we need leaders. As the pressure to succeed grows, so does our need for leaders. When things go wrong, we need leaders to make us feel better. Here’s just a few reasons I sketched out today on why we need leaders.

Leaders love to respond to a challenge

The courses of organizations, businesses, communities, states and nations are set by leaders. Leaders are constantly responding to and creating the future, while most managers are responding to the past and the present. Leaders are setting course and direction for things affecting generations to come. Leaders are always using the future to energize people and have an unwavering belief things can always be better than they are.

Leaders are needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow

We have a ton of challenges today and we’ll have even more coming ahead. We have them on a personal level, a societal level, a governmental level and on a global level. Homelessness, hunger, AIDS, economic, child abuse, terrorism and so forth are just a few of the issues that need real leadership to reduce and solve.

Leaders create energy which causes superior performance

If the impact a leader has on 10 people could yield a 10% increase in production per person, the leader has in fact created an entire additional person’s productivity from the same team. Leadership is the cap on the company. The more the leaders grow, the more the leadership grows. The more the leadership grows, the more the entity grows.

Leaders empower and energize people

Managers exert power over people. It’s power which has it’s base from a position. Leadership empowers and energizes people. Leadership is created through the behaviors and results expected by people. The origin of the word “manage” means “to handle”, while the origin of the word “lead” means “to go”. Leaders use energy in motion, behavior and results to go forward.

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