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Why You Need To Be The Best

People do not hire you, buy from you, recommend you, or come back to you time after time because you're indifferently average.

They do it because you're exceptional at something. Not because you are listed first in the directory. Not because you have a catchy name. Not because you have a cool logo. Not because you are the cheapest. You will be consistently hired to do what you do if you are the best. The absolute best, not just one of the people who does what you do. Not because you are average. Not because of where you went to school. If you want consistent work at a very attractive amount of money, you need to be the best at what you do.

The quality of your work and your results produced will always be how people measure you as far as compensating you and passing your name on to peers and colleagues. Once you reach a certain level of competency, you can never be satisfied. You can never feel as though you have arrived. You must always be pushing yourself to not only maintain your mastery level but also to improve constantly.

When we finally decide that we are not going to have a profession or a career, but actually to passionately follow a calling, we need to consistently generate the courage we need to pursue it with everything we have. If we are going to be the best at anything, we must believe that it is our true destiny to really be it. We must know deep inside our hearts that this is what we were born to do.

Many people have two sections of their life, what they did before they found their true calling and then the pursuit of the true calling itself. Sometimes it scares us, badly. Sometimes we run from it. When we finally decide to give in to the true call, we stop running, and we actually turn to embrace it. We stop running from our fears of it. This is where courage comes in because we need it to turn toward the fear and face it. We now begin to structure our days, weeks, and months to confront the fear and overcome it. We go from worry about not being good enough, to actually having the confidence to improve.

We transition from the fear of failing to building the confidence to put ourselves on the line to perform in the way only we can. We transition from the things we used to do to the things we now do. We change our reading, our activities, and our interests. When we did what we did before, our life had drama, it had denial and distraction. Now, in order to be the best, we detest these things and we avoid them at all costs.

Now that we have made the quality decision to become the best at our calling, we are different, and everyone can see it and can feel it in our presence.

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