June 27, 2018 - June 29, 2018

Exponential Leadership Retreat: A 3-Day Leadership Coaching Experience

$775.00 $725.00



Personalized Leadership Coaching in a small group setting

As our business consultant, Tony Richards, has lead companies to new heights and coached countless executives to record-setting performance. During your time in the Exponential Leadership Retreat you will gain access to the expert tools and guidance Tony provides his CEO clients.

Through his in-depth assessment and leadership coaching you will be able to identify and understand what motivates you and your team, better embrace change and tackle resistance and develop your brand as a leader.

With a better understanding of yourself, the tools provided and Tony’s leadership coaching, you will leave with the ability to create a plan for continued advancement.

Learn, share and grow with a small group of peers and colleagues led by Tony Richards at the Clear Vision Development Center, lakeside in Columbia, Mo. June 27-29, 2018.

Leadership Coaching Day 1: June 27th

  • Facing the Daily Dragon with Feedback
  • Creating your leadership brand
  • Massive action plans and creating your edge
  • Identifying and applying leadership styles

Leadership Coaching Day 2: June 28th

  • Leadership Behavior, the Observable Language
  • Identifying and Leveraging your driving forces
  • How your perceptions work and thinking comprehensively
  • Communicating powerfully and resolving conflicts

Leadership Coaching Day 3: June 29th

  • The Emotional intelligence tolls of self-awareness and self-regulation
  • The emotional intelligence tools of energy, empathy and social skills
  • Skills to lead your thinking, yourself and others

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