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Professional Development

The Leaders Guide on Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence to overcome negative thinking, improve emotional awareness, and increase your ability to tackle any situation.

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The Leaders Guide for Engaging Employees

Leaders and organizations need employees who come ready to engage. Only then can growth be achieved. Download our guide to start engaging your employees today.

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Clear Creative: Attracting the Buying Eye

Our first guide for designers made by designers. Understanding the visual real estate of the page and what attracts the buyer’s eye will improve your message being heard and increase ROI.

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Leadership Guide for Better Teamwork

In order to be a good leader, you better know how to lead. Fostering teamwork and understanding teamwork dynamics is imperative to becoming a great leader.

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10 Rules for Effectively Coaching Your Reports

According to the majority of the clients I have coached over the years, one of the most difficult things they have to tackle in their role is to turn around and coach and develop their own reports.

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The Basics of the Law of Expectations

There are laws that govern our success in business and in life. We must observe the power of these laws and use them to help propel us forward and help us get what we want.

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Don’t Choose an Apple If You Want an Orange

Believe it or not, leaders go through this exact scenario when they hire people. They have their heart and mind set on one thing and then after they hire the applicant, they are surprised and horrified when they find out they wanted an orange but hired an apple.

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5 Signs of A Stagnant Culture

Turning around a stagnant or toxic company culture takes specialized care and approaches. Take heart, all is not lost, you just have to be willing to make some changes in yourself, in the organization, and have a lot of time and patience.

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Better Than Before Episode 230: Jennifer Holland on Brand Promise

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jennifer Holland, Certified Brand Strategist, on creating and maintaining your brand promise.

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Better Than Before Episode 229: Deconstructing a Fear of Rejection

In this episode, Tony Richards answers listener questions and discusses how to resolve a fear of rejection.

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Better Than Before Episode 228: Sarah Cyr on Making Healthy Choices

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Sarah Cyr, Health and Wellness Coach, about breaking habits and making healthy choices.

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Better Than Before Episode 227: Jason Treu on Creating A High-Performance Culture

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jason Treu, Executive Coach and Author of Social Wealth, on the importance of understanding your team members to create a high performing culture in your organization.

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Leadership and Change

In this video lesson, Tony Richards encourages embracing change to grow as a leader. Follow Tony on Twitter @tonyrichards4 or @clearvisiondev.

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Tony Richards talks to Sarah Hill on the Benefits of Virtual Reality

In this guest segment of Better Than Before, Tony Richards interviews Sarah Hill, CEO of StoryUp, about how Virtual Reality can positively affect your brainwaves.

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Tony Richards on 16 Essential Self-Management Skills

In this episode of Better Than Before, Tony Richards outlines the 16 skills needed to be successful at Self-Management.

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Tony Richards on How to Know It's Time to Quit Your Job

In a previous leadership lesson on the Better Than Before podcast, Tony Richards discusses knowing when to move on from your job.

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