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Professional Development

The Leaders Guide on Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence to overcome negative thinking, improve emotional awareness, and increase your ability to tackle any situation.

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The Leaders Guide for Engaging Employees

Leaders and organizations need employees who come ready to engage. Only then can growth be achieved. Download our guide to start engaging your employees today.

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Clear Creative: Attracting the Buying Eye

Our first guide for designers made by designers. Understanding the visual real estate of the page and what attracts the buyer’s eye will improve your message being heard and increase ROI.

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Leadership Guide for Better Teamwork

In order to be a good leader, you better know how to lead. Fostering teamwork and understanding teamwork dynamics is imperative to becoming a great leader.

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My Overwhelmed and Unfocused List of Questions

An exercise I do with my clients from time to time is to ask them what they need when they are stuck, overwhelmed or unfocused. One of the strongest tools we can have in our toolbox is the answers to questions about what we need when we experience these times when we are “out of the zone”.

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Top Qualities for a community leader

Good community leaders must be able to cultivate, nurture, champion and grow both the commonalities and diversities. Community can be described as a neighborhood – the geographical location. But really, community is about collaboration through organizational development for the betterment of the neighborhood – and the neighbors.

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10 Rules of Being an Effective Coach

There is one really great thing about coaching others and that is when you help others get better, you actually get better yourself. First of all, to be a first-rate coach, you have to set a great example. People believe and trust what they see, not what they hear.

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Business and community leadership go hand-in-hand

As a business leader, you take for granted many of the things it takes for an organization to succeed. You are constantly evaluating the direction of the company, how you are differentiating yourself competitively, and what capabilities your organization needs to have to achieve its goals.

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Better Than Before Episode 29: The 10 Secrets of Happy People

In this episode, Tony Richards discusses the science of happiness and reveals the ten secrets of happy people.

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Better Than Before Episode 28: Sarah Hill on the Benefits of Virtual Reality

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Sarah Hill, CEO of StoryUp, about how Virtual Reality can positively affect your brainwaves.

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Better Than Before Episode 27: 16 Skills for Successful Self-Management

In this episode of Better Than Before, Tony Richards outlines the 16 skills needed to be successful at Self-Management.

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Better Than Before Episode 26: Kevin F. Davis on Sales Management Greatness

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Kevin F. Davis, President of TopLine Leadership Inc., about his book, The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness.

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Tony Richards on The Benefits of Family Culture

When a company say that they treat their employees like family, to some it means with respect, but to others it might mean something completely different. In Tony's podcast, Better Than Before, he examines what "family" means and the benefits of a family culture.

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Tony Richards talks to LaRae Quy on Mental Toughness

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards interviews LaRae Quy, former FBI counterintelligence Agent, on the topic of mental toughness.

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Tony Richards' Exponential Leadership Retreat

As our business consultant, Tony Richards, has lead companies to new heights and coached countless executives to record-setting performance. During your time in the Exponential Leadership Retreat you will gain access to the expert tools and guidance Tony provides his CEO clients. Register online at

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6 Ways To Contribute To Your Team

Tony Richards, CEO of Clear Vision Development Group, provides you with 6 ways you can contribute to your team.

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