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Professional Development

The Leaders Guide on Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence to overcome negative thinking, improve emotional awareness, and increase your ability to tackle any situation.

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The Leaders Guide for Engaging Employees

Leaders and organizations need employees who come ready to engage. Only then can growth be achieved. Download our guide to start engaging your employees today.

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Clear Creative: Attracting the Buying Eye

Our first guide for designers made by designers. Understanding the visual real estate of the page and what attracts the buyer’s eye will improve your message being heard and increase ROI.

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Leadership Guide for Better Teamwork

In order to be a good leader, you better know how to lead. Fostering teamwork and understanding teamwork dynamics is imperative to becoming a great leader.

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3 Communication Challenges Your Organization Faces

Communication involves the exchange and movement of information to instruct, inform and/or direct. Communication challenges stand out among all the challenges CEOs come to me for leadership coaching.

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Talk Less, Listen More

Communication is at the heart of all of our Leadership Development services. As you develop yourself as a leader, remember that one of the most important skills you can improve is your listening ability.

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Becoming Better At Giving And Receiving Feedback

I think one of the reasons former athletes are typically a little easier to coach as employees is because they are accustomed to receiving constant feedback on what they need to improve and where they are coming up short. Many employees are not used to having consistent feedback.

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The Everchanging Role of Corporate Communication

How many times have you experienced problems with your spouse, significant other, or family member DUE to the lack of good communication? Unfortunately, the same thing applies in the business world as well.

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Better Than Before Episode 12: Selective Listening, Spouses, and Securing Diligence.

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Relationship Expert, Joey Garcia, on how communication affects your relationships, both personal and professional.

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Better Than Before Episode 11: Lies, Laser Focused, and Living by Design

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Cynthia Bazin, president of SmartChic, on how to get laser focused on your personal goals.

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Better Than Before 10: Pie, Perfectionists, and the Peak End Rule

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Nick Allen, Owner of Manor Roofing and Restoration Services, on how to lead by getting out of the way.

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Better Than Before Episode 09: Insights, Innovation Hub, and Integrity

In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Collin Bunch, Entrepreneurship Coordinator for REDI, on how their company supports startup businesses.

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6 Ways To Contribute To Your Team

Tony Richards, CEO of Clear Vision Development Group, provides you with 6 ways you can contribute to your team.

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3 Power Points in Business

In this video blog, Tony Richards outlines the 3 Power Points that will make or break your Business.

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CVTV Taking Notes

In this video, you will learn more life lessons from Tony Richards. Today’s life lesson? Taking as many notes as possible. As leaders, keeping notes in a journal will help you to remember your big ideas in perfect clarity. Your ideas are worth recording.

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