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Professional Development

The Leaders Guide on Emotional Intelligence

Learn how to develop your emotional intelligence to overcome negative thinking, improve emotional awareness, and increase your ability to tackle any situation.

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The Leaders Guide for Engaging Employees

Leaders and organizations need employees who come ready to engage. Only then can growth be achieved. Download our guide to start engaging your employees today.

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Clear Creative: Attracting the Buying Eye

Our first guide for designers made by designers. Understanding the visual real estate of the page and what attracts the buyer’s eye will improve your message being heard and increase ROI.

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Leadership Guide for Better Teamwork

In order to be a good leader, you better know how to lead. Fostering teamwork and understanding teamwork dynamics is imperative to becoming a great leader.

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4 Ways To Up Your Storytelling Game

Stories provide a wonderful way of opening a door of communication into people’s lives. Leaders who become great storytellers possess a great advantage in leading people, teams and organizations.

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Exercises to shape and tone your communication muscle

It is important to remain healthy if we want to have a good quality of life – both physically and mentally. We create routines to improve or maintain our health. What professional development exercises can we perform on a regular basis to be “fit” in our communication?

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4 Keys To Transmit Your Communication Better

Communicating your thoughts, vision, opinions, plans, strategies, policies, rules or solutions should be treated with high priority. The way you transmit these things to your peers, team or a larger body of people can add equity to your leadership brand, or it can damage it.

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Is Your Body Language Disrupting Your Communication?

Your body language speaks volumes when it comes to the professional development technique of effective communication. These nonverbal cues such as facial expressions, gestures, posture, tone of voice and eye contact can create trust or sabotage what you are actually trying to say.

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Better Than Before Episode 207: Connie Haden on Estate Planning Basics

In this episode, Tony Richards talks with Connie Haden, Attorney at Haden & Haden, on developing and implementing estate and business planning.

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Better Than Before Episode 206: Grant Kimball on the Power of Brand

In this episode, Tony Richards talks with Grant Kimball, certified brand strategist, on the importance of a brand strategy for companies at any stage of growth.

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Better Than Before Episode 205: Lynette Smith on the Role of Gratitude in the Workplace

n this episode, Tony Richards talks with Lynette Smith, author of the book, “How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special,” on how leaders can use gratitude to turn their workplace into a Thank Tank.

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Better Than Before Episode 204: Julie Potiker on Mindfulness for Business Leaders

In this episode, Tony Richards talks with Julie Potiker, author of the new book, “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos,” on how mindfulness can benefit business leaders.

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Tony Richards' Coaching Toolbox

In this leadership lesson, Tony Richards provides development questions and business advice from his coaching toolbox.

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Tony Richards on Improving Your Communication Skills

In this leadership lesson, Tony Richards discusses the power of communication and how you can develop your writing skills.

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Tony Richards talks to Tim Danze on Successful Risk Management

In this Better Than Before guest interview, Tony Richards interviews Tim Danze, Hedging Manager at MFA Oil, on the hedging in commodities.

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Diligence Is A Learned Skill

In this leadership lesson, Tony Richards discusses learning to practice the learned skill of diligence. Developing this rare skill is key to accomplishing exceptional outcomes.

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