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Certified Business Consultant, Tony Richards

Business Consultant, Tony Richards

Tony Richards

Certified Business Consultant and Master Coach

Originally from Kentucky, Tony was a C-level executive for 20 years before starting Clear Vision Development Group in 2005. Sharing insights as a business consultant, he has published over 500 articles and wrote the book, The Big Idea: 52 Ways To Be A Better Leader Now.


Tony is a member of Gazelle’s International, and one of the go-to business consultants for CEO’s and leaders who want to see exponential growth and leadership development for their organizations and themselves.


I've had the pleasure of consulting for some truly outstanding businesses over the years.

Business Consultant Clients

Business Consulting In 4 Key Areas

Clear Vision Development Group was created with a single purpose in mind: to bring the best leadership and business development ideas to the world. 


As a business consultant, Tony Richards is passionate about developing people into greater leaders and helping them build better businesses. Tony partners with companies to enhance their business strategy, clearly define their vision and develop their people. He understands business from the inside out and helps you assess each segment of your company to make tough decisions in these 4 key areas:

Business Consultant Strategy


Pursuing enduring growth is one of the most important priorities for any company. A slowdown in the growth, or worse yet, a stoppage of growth can be a signal for the beginning of the end of that company. If you have doubts about the trajectory of your company's growth, take our 7 Attributes of Growth Assessment and schedule a complimentary consultation of your results with top business consultant, Tony Richards.

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