Better Than Before Episode 107: How to Create an Abundance Mindset

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Michael Urban, founder of Harold’s Doughnuts, on his experience as an entrepreneur.

Segment 1: The Producers flip the script and interview Tony Richards

01:00 – Welcome to the podcast

02:30 – Motivation behind starting Clear Vision Development Group

06:00 – Entrepreneurship in the family

10:00 – Success and achievements over the years

Segment 2: Michael Urban, founder of Harold’s Doughnuts, joins us as today’s featured guest

15:30 – Guest background

19:00 – From politics to marketing to Doughnuts

22:30 – The start to Harold’s Doughnuts

30:30 – Entrepreneurial struggle

35:00 – Who’s Harold?

43:30 – Tony’s Lightning Leadership Questions

Segment 3: Tony Richards discusses building an abundant mindset in this week’s leadership lesson

46:00 – What is an abundant mindset?

47:00 – 5 things to build the abundant mindset

50:30 – How to put these into practice

Our mission has stayed the same: “To bring the best business ideas to the world” - @tonyrichards4

About the Guest

Michael Urban began a career in politics and government. He returned to Columbia in 2008 and started working for Pure Marketing and Media, as vice president of research and then joined IdeaWorks, a software development company, as director of business development a few years later. It was through relationships developed in this role that Michael then accepted a position as director of platform management for MBS Textbook Exchange. In early 2014, he decided to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship and followed his vision of what would become Harold’s Doughnuts.

Resources Mentioned

Exponential Leadership Retreat
Harold’s Doughnuts Website


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