Better Than Before Episode 132: Jim Spain on the Strengths of Mizzou


Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards interviews Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, on the strengths of the University of Missouri.

Segment 1: Tony Richards discusses recent news with producer Bill Foster.

01:00 – Welcome to Better Than Before

02:00 – Midterm Election

05:00 – News in Health and Business

Segment 2: Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies, joins us as today’s guest.     

16:00 – Guest Background

19:30 – Mizzou Strategic Plans

23:00 – University FOR Missouri

28:00 – Student Retention and Relationships

36:00 – Tony’s Lightning Leadership Questions

Segment 3: Leadership Lesson: How to leave an effective voicemail.

40:00 – Importance of Voicemail

42:00 – 5 Steps to Voicemail

I can communicate all the time, but if you don’t trust the messenger, you don’t trust the message. #BetterThanBefore

About the Guest

Spain became Mizzou’s Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies in August of 2007 after seven years as assistant dean for academic programs for MU’s College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR). He came to MU in 1990 as an assistant professor and state extension dairy scientist. Spain became an associate professor in 1996 and continued with University Extension through 1999. He became a professor of animal science in 1999 and continues to serve as a faculty member in CAFNR, as well as serving as a faculty adviser for students in animal science.


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