Better Than Before 101: LaRae Quy on the Importance of Mental Toughness

Our podcast is designed to provide you with top business insights, fresh perspectives from world class guests, and the tools you need to lead better than before. In this episode, Tony Richards interviews LaRae Quy, former FBI counterintelligence Agent, on the topic of mental toughness.

Segment 1: Tony Richards banters with producers about some of the craziest April fool’s jokes

02:00 – Welcome to Better than Before

05:30 – This Week at Clear Vision Development Group

06:15 – Craziest April Fool’s Jokes

Segment 2: LaRae Quy, former FBI Counterintelligence Agent, joins us as today’s featured guest

10:15 – The Importance of Mental Toughness

18:45 – Saying No to Self-Limiting Beliefs

23:30 – Combating Negative Thoughts Through Neuroscience

28:30 – “Secrets of a Strong Mind” and “Mental Toughness for Women Leaders”

35:15 – Make Meaning of Your Life and Never Giving Up

40:30 – Tony’s Lightning Leadership Questions for LaRae

Segment 3: Tony Richards discusses the incredible growth Amazon has achieved since 2006

46:45 – Amazon’s Philosophy Encouraged Long-Term Growth

48:30 – The Amazon Customer Experience

54:00 – Growth, Stagnation, and Decline following the Amazon Domination

About the Guest

LaRae Quy was an FBI undercover and counterintelligence agent for 24 years. She exposed foreign spies and recruited them to work for the U.S. government. As an FBI agent, she developed the mental toughness to survive in environments of risk, uncertainty, and deception.

Mental toughness is managing your emotions, thoughts and behavior in ways that will set you up for success in both business and life - @LaRaeQuy

Resources Mentioned

Leadership Guide for Better Teamwork
“The Big Idea: 52 Ways to be a Better Leader Now” Audio Book by Tony Richards 
Secrets of a Strong Mind by LaRae Quy
Mental Toughness for Women Leaders by LaRae Quy
LaRae Quy’s Mental Toughness Assessment

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