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50 Things You Can Do While Staying at Home During A Pandemic

Many of us are in the multiple of days of stay-at-home orders or quarantine, due to the Corona Virus threat and the possibility of having COVID-19. All live entertainment is shut down with the exception of the people who are doing some performances from their home with online video. Remaining inside is the best way to protect yourself and others and can help “flatten the curve” on the spread of the virus. So, what is there to do during the pandemic? In this week’s article, I made a list of 50 things in about 30 to 45 minutes. Help me build more items to share by adding to my list in the comments section. I pray you and your loved ones are safe and secure during this pandemic crisis. 1. Finally begin journaling. Document your daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings. 2. Get a healthy amount of sleep. 3. Read a long book you have always thought about reading. War & Peace, The Stand, the Bible. 4. Watch some favorite movies or some you have wanted to watch. 5. Connect with friends and family using an online platform like Skype, ZOOM, FaceTime, etc. 6. Practice deep breathing to help with your stress. 7. Write some stories or that book that is in you. 8. Donate to some causes that are your favorites. 9. Stretch and maintain your physical flexibility. 10. Learn to draw. 11. Teach and train your dog or pet something new 12. Learn to meditate or and/or do yoga or tai chi 13. Take an online course 14. Watch a movie series like Godfather, Star Wars, Avengers, etc. 15. Do puzzles 16. Practice or learn a musical instrument 17. Download a new app 18. Learn a new language 19. Look online for pets to adopt 20. Write handwritten letters to family or friends 21. Write Thank You notes you are behind on 22. Play board games with family or roommates 23. Clean and organize your garage or other others of your house 24. Go through your clothes & determine Keep, Pitch or Donate items 25. Play card games with family or roommates 26. Binge watch that television series you like, or you have been wanting to watch 27. Watch an online performance such as opera or musical concerts 28. Go on an online safari 29. Get caught up listening to podcasts or find new ones to listen to 30. Learn to cook something new 31. Do that goal setting exercise you have been putting off 32. Make a list of the places you would like to travel to and visit 33. Read the magazines piled up around the house 34. Do some reflection time and list the most meaningful events of your life so far & why 35. Try to reproduce something you have seen on Pinterest 36. Fix anything you have noticed or have been meaning to attend to around the house 37. Keep or start doing some form of exercise program 38. Go outside every day possible, get some Sun and breathe deeply 39. Interview your elder relatives and keep the audio forever 40. Go through your camera roll, file them or delete 41. Build a list like this on Google docs and share with family and/or friends 42. Order take out or delivery from your favorite restaurants to help them out 43. Buy gift cards from your favorite businesses to help them out 44. Try a new hair color, no one will see it if you don’t like it 45. Make a Tik-Tok video 46. Apply for a new job if you need to 47. Work on updating your resume and other career-oriented documents 48. Go on a virtual tour of something you like 49. Stop procrastinating and get your taxes finished 50. Make a plan for the next pandemic or emergency (there will be one!)

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