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Business Development Programs

Business Development Is What We Do

Clear Vision Development Group is a business and brand consulting firm. We work with business leaders to grow their company through our executive development, organizational development and brand development programs.

Our Executive Development programs focus on employee leadership development and coaching executives to create teamwork and foster better working relationships. Our certified business strategists focus on 3 key areas to help CEO’s create sustainability and growth through organizational development while our brand strategists help companies discover their brand and put in processes that clearly communicate the brand to all stakeholders.




Leadership development in your company isn’t just about finding those who have a good head for business or keep an eye on the bottom line. Coaching others, futuristic thinking, good communication, resiliency and other vital skills are especially relevant and are not easily identified or taught. Having a thorough and proven leadership development program will give you the leverage you need for targeted improvement.


Therefore, we develop people and build businesses.


Our leadership development program brings clarity and, as a result, enables your team to apply their focus where it will produce the greatest results for your company. Clarity is power. Achieving it is the first step in advancing your team into productive strategic thinkers.

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With our personalized organizational development programs, we create an atmosphere geared for growth.


We help prepare you for the inevitable challenges through our organizational development programs. Our consultants help you ramp up and keep pace with increasing customer demand while adding people, putting systems in place, and talking strategy on an elevated scale.

Furthermore, organizational development requires discipline. It requires the right decisions in a world that is traveling faster every moment. As a result of guidance and access to our tools, we help you develop the best strategic practices for your organization. We integrate consulting, coaching and valuable tools into our organizational development program.



Brand development identifies your evidence of distinction.

In our brand development program, we start with the most important question. The why. The reason so many businesses fail is because they don’t take a deep look and answer the questions that matter. Your brand begins with truth, the reason you started your business in the first place. Your brand must be embodied in your culture and lived by each individual.

Our Brand Development process starts with a special discovery session where we take a look inside the your company to discover your differentiating properties that can be leveraged to grow the brand and stand out in the market.

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“I am so much more aware when I communicate with people and I ask questions. Clear Vision is the best in helping you understand yourself and how to work with folks around you. I don’t think I could find anyone who could do that better.”

—  Amy Schneider, CEO, City of Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau

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