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10 Business, Leadership & Life Points for 2013

Here is a list of 10 Business, Leadership and Life Points for you to consider as we leave 2012 and enter the new 2013.

1. You grow by building on your strengths, not cost-cutting or focusing on weaknesses.

2. If you want to be an potential A-Level type company, you cannot afford to hire potential C-Level people.

3. If you are not in emotional pain and/or fear very much, you are not growing very much.

4. There’s a really big advantage you have over people who are chasing you and copying what you do. Only YOU really know where you are going.

5. Someone is going to be a winner in your business sandbox, why not you? Why won’t it be you?

6. Next time you feel slighted, ask why YOU allowed it. Own your issues, or you’re helpless to resolve them.

7. Goal-setting is mission-critical. (Review your Top 5, quarterly goals and daily goals constantly), add high X.Q. (Execution Quotient) for great results.

8. You can always make more money, you can’t make more time.

9. If your behavior requires you to have unconditional love and acceptance constantly, get a dog!

10. Problems are going to come in 2013 to test your commitment to your goals, hopes and dreams.

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