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10 Tactics To Kill Negativity

It’s hard to stay positive in the midst of a toxic environment, but do it for your own healthy thinking and effectiveness.

Here are 10 ways:

1. Take control of the way you respond to situations. Always respond. Don’t react.

2. Proceed forward in ways you will be productive. Not being productive produces negative thoughts.

3. Resist the urge to be critical.

4. When faced with a choice in criticism or praise. Choose praise.

5. Flood your mind with positive messages. Read and listen to motivational and inspirational messages.

6. Face your fear by taking positive actions towards your fear. Action kills fear. But inaction grows fear and negative thinking, which then leads to neuroticism.

7. Smile more. Even if you have to force it, it will become easier.

8. Find positive people to hang out with.

9. Sing your favorite songs. Loudly.

10. Don’t play the victim. Take control of your life, it’s yours to control.

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