• Tony Richards

15 Time Killers

Over the years, I have modified this list of time killers to include new techniques and technology. For years, I taught the original list of 13 to my managers. Now, I teach this modified list to my clients and workshop participants. None of us can afford to waste time, since we always have less of it each minute we live. Unfortunately, the clock is winding down, not up and we need to make sure we invest our time wisely.

In many cases with the time killers below, we end up spending more and more time each time we use one or more of them.

You might even be able to add to or improve upon my list.

1. Interruption by others

2. Inability to say NO

3. Unrealistic deadlines

4. Lack of privacy

5. Interruption by phone or smart phone

6. Perfectionism

7. Searching for mis-handled materials

8. Procrastination

9. Fatigue & Stress

10. Worry

11. E-mails, cards, letters & reports

12. Badly handled meetings

13. Not knowing how, when or where to communicate

14. Path of least resistance

15. Failure to delegate

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