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25 Ways To Have A Better Year In 2013

As we kick off a brand new year, here are 25 ways to improve your year in 2013.

1. Exercise More

2. Start or Keep A Journal

3. Know Your Top 5 Priorities For The Year

4. Drink More Water

5. Improve Your Work Every Single Day

6. Smile More

7. Laugh More

8. Be The Most Giving Person You Know

9. Save 10% of Your Income Every Month

10. Cry When You Feel Like It

11. Do More Of The Things That Make You Happy

12. Send Thank You Notes To Those Who Have Helped You

13. Forgive & Release Those Who’ve Wronged You

14. Develop More Of Your Leadership Ability

15. Have 5 Very Close Friends Who Will Always Tell You The Truth

16. Read More Things That Can Help You Be The Best

17. Be Dissatisfied With Your Results But Content With What You Have

18. Apologize When You Know You Should

19. Take More Responsibility For Your Actions And Less For Others’ Actions

20. Find Moments To Celebrate The Best In People Around You

21. Get Clarity On Your Purpose And The Direction For Your Life

22. Be The Teammate You Want To Have

23. Love Your Loved Ones

24. Work On Listening More and Better

25. Who You Are Becoming Is More Important Than What You Are Accumulating

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