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3 Powerful Tactics For Productivity

Many people assume being more productive is about getting more done in less time. Actually that takes care of efficiency, but you can actually be efficient without being more effective. That’s getting things done right. What most CEOs and executives want is their cake and eat it too. So, in other words they want effectiveness and efficiency. They want the right things done the right way.

Distractions and loss of focus is the primary enemy of this outcome. Our brains develop meaning to things, which try to distract us during the day. Such as when you get a ding on your text message it signals to our brain “oh, somebody loves me”, “I need to respond to that right now!” We also face the immediate gratification addiction. What is going to give me pleasure now?

Think about it this way, immediate pleasure creates long-term pain. Short-term pain creates long-term pleasure. Put yourself through enough short-term pain to get to where you want to be for the long term. The pain of discipline weighs ounces; the pain of regret weighs tons. You will experience one of these two pains in your life and career.

Here are 3 quick but powerful tactics to increase your productivity:

1. Be Highly Protective Of Your Time

Have a sense of urgency. You are one tick less off this amazing journey. Technology has advanced further than we have adapted to deal with it. With all the various devices and apps we have in this day and age, we are in a constant state of reaction rather than disciplined response.

2. Schedule Your 3 Most Important Things Daily

Be a zealot about the three things you can execute every day to make a huge difference in your company or a project/Initiative you are pushing forward. 15 very important needle-moving activities that move things forward in a week will make a tremendous difference over a 12-week quarter and a 50-week year. Planning your Big 3 every day helps you build discipline.

3. Use A Countdown Clock

Utilize deep concentrated focus for 45 minutes where all distractions are eliminated. No multi-tasking allowed. Remember, discipline is not a negative word. Do not substitute the word discipline for the word punishment. Disciplining yourself is good, it is not punishing yourself.

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